Old photos of Pawn Stars’ Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Chumlee and Rick Harrison

Pawn Stars' Old Man Richard Harrison old photo with his wife (I think)

In honor of History Channel moving its smash hit reality series Pawn Stars to Thursday nights the network has been participating in Throwback Thursdays the last few weeks, sharing some older pictures of World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’s Rick Harrison, Richard “Old Man” Harrison and fan favorite Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

In the photo above we see Old Man Rick Harrison as Middle Aged Man Rick Harrison with a lovely young woman who I am guessing is his wife and mother of Rick and grandmother of Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison. (Anybody else getting a serious Walter Matthau vibe?) Here are side-by-side photos of Pawn Stars‘ Old Man and his throwback self:

Pawn Stars Old Man Richard Harrison old photo and new photo side by side

Next up is Richard’s son Rick Harrison, who apparently was once not only not bald, but had some serious Leif Garrett locks going on! Oh, and a rather tough looking Doberman Pinscher!

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison childhood photo

Not that it really has anything to do with anything, but I love the VW Thing in the background! PLEASE tell me that was Old Man Harrison’s car!

Oh, and here’s the Rick Harrison throwback photo sid-by-side comparison:

Old photo of Pawn stars Rick Harrison as a kid

It’s like watching a Chia pet in reverse!

UPDATE – History added another Rick Harrison throwback photo from in between the two side-by-sides above — and as an added bonus it was taken in the pawn shop!

Old photo of Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars in the pawn shop

Rick was still sportin’ some long hair! And just in case you were wondering what one of the big secrets to the pawn shop’s success has been over the years, I think “NO CASH REFUNDS – Exchanges Only” was certainly part of it. 🙂

Last, but not least, we have Chumlee. These photos aren’t quite as old as Rick and Richard’s, so the changes are a little less drastic. Actually, it’s just Chumlee with less hair, less weight, and about the same amount of junk and taste in art:

Pawn Stars Chumlee old photo as a young man

Old photo of Chumlee from Pawn Stars

I think it can safely be said that it was then as it is now in that Chumlee is as Chumlee does. Some things don’t change, and despite what the Old Man might have you think, in the case of Chumlee, that’s a good thing.

Here are the side-by-side photos of Chumlee then and now:

Chumlee then and now photos

Old photo of Austin Russell aka Chumlee from Pawn Stars

As I mentioned above, History has moved Pawn Stars to a new night and now you can catch new episodes Thursday nights at 9/8c! Yep, that’s tonight y’all!

UPDATE – History has also added an older photo of Rick’s son Corey Harrison, which looks to be from his high school graduation!

Old photo of Pawn Stars Corey Harrison from high school graduation I think

Oh man – I could just imagine the boys having fun with that one on the show!