Nothing compares 2 Sinéad O’Connor’s new face tattoos

Sinéad O'Connor face tattoos

Eccentric Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor debuted some new ink while performing in England earlier this month.

The prominent facial tattoos feature the initials “B” and Q” on separate cheeks in red ink. Via a post on her website yesterday, O’Connor provided a vague answer in regards to what the permanent tattoos stand for :

Brendan Quinlan.. “It’s what it is” … Un ange passe (awkward silence) ; ) There’s a bottle of Agent Provocateur in someone’s room that belongs to me.

The tabloids over in Britain aren’t sure who this Mr. Quinlan is yet and the message left by the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer does little to solve the mystery.

Sinéad’s dad, author Sean O’Connor, didn’t have a problem with the face art stating, “Put it this way, every individual has their own way of expressing themselves.”

Sinéad O'Connor Brendan Quinlan face tattoo

Photo: WENN

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