PHOTO Nicole Richie’s Met look made Rihanna want to retch in a good way


Celebrities were out in droves at last night’s Costume Institute Gala at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The current exhibit “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” set the tone as many brought along bold style, like Madonna for instance, to the big event.

One of those noted people with a can’t forget look was Nicole Richie as she turned heads with a bold ‘do. Keeping with the ode to punk theme, Richie achieved the look by spray painting her hair silver while raising it atop her head in a gravity-defying updo.

It was a wild fashion affair and I applaud Richie’s adventurous look. Apparently I wasn’t alone as Rihanna took to her Twitter just a while ago to give a tweet-out to Nicole — and she did it in only the way RiRi can:

This b!tch makes me throw up!!

That’s right, the blazing fashion was so intense for Rihanna it made her feel the need to Richie retch. She meant throw up as in “sick” in a good way of course, as the singer who Chris Brown won’t be wife-ing up, added the hash tag #bestdressed.


So remember, the next time someone tells you that your swag has them on the verge of blowing chunks, just take it as a compliment. I always have…