New Married at First Sight cast revealed

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight is back tonight for its sophomore season with six new singles — who are actually three potential couples, thanks to experts’ opinions and the group’s willingness to meet their spouse for the first time at the altar.

Although the new season was announced months ago, the participants’ identities have been top-secret until this point. Meet the group and see what they told People about why they were willing to get Married at First Sight

Sean Varricchio

Sean Varricchio Married at First Sight

As a trauma nurse, 34-year-old Sean has a lot of faith in science.

“The more I’ve gone through, the harder it has been to find someone,” Sean said. “But this process has science behind it; why can’t it work?”

The New Jersey resident admitted to being a bit of a playboy in his 20s. But, he said he’s committed to finding a life partner now: “I’ve grown up. It’s time to settle down.”

Based on his Facebook page, he’s extremely close to his parents, brother and nephews. He added “nothing is more important than family.”

Davina Kullar

Davina Kullar Married At First Sight

The 34-year-old biopharmaceutical sales rep said not everyone close to her approved of her decision to participate on the show. But, like Sean, she believes in the “scientific process.”

“It was hard for my family to swallow,” she said. “I’m happy with my life and my decisions, and I don’t apologize for them.”

Before the show, the successful New Yorker said she tried “all the dating scenes” including blind dates, colleagues and online dating. On her Facebook, Davina said she values “intelligence, wit, humor, bravery, ambition, resiliency, integrity, and an unquenchable curiosity about people and the world.”

Ryan Ranellone

Ryan Ranellone Married at First Sight

Ryan, a 28-year-old Long Island real estate agent, said he decided to apply after seeing two of the couples from the first season are still together. He said he wanted someone trustworthy and family-oriented.

“If you lie to me about little things, you’ll lie about big things. Trust is huge for me,” he said. “Lying is a deal-breaker.”

Ryan said he’s also extremely close to his niece, especially after his sister’s death. He hopes to have his own children someday.

Jaclyn Methuen

Jaclyn Methuen Married At First Sight

Jaclyn, a 29-year-old sales rep for Tito’s Vodka, admitted the Married at First Sight concept sounds “insane” and said she wouldn’t have considered it six months ago. However, once she made the decision to participate, she said she felt calm about it all. Now she’s just worried about being judged by viewers.

“I know I’ve opened myself up for criticism,” she said. “I’ve never felt so vulnerable.”

Jaclyn has Facebook and a new Twitter page, but the accounts don’t reveal much more about her other than that she’s really close to her family. She told Page Six she’s been single for seven years and hasn’t had sex in two.

Ryan De Nino

Ryan De Nino

Ryan is a 29-year-old business owner from Brooklyn who wants a trustworthy, caring and independent wife.

“Everyone wants an attractive significant other,” he said. “Obviously, that’s not more important than what’s on the inside, but I do want someone I find physically attractive.”

As with basically everyone else on the show, Ryan appears to be very close to his family. Based on his social media account, it looks like he’s had no problem embracing the single life, so it will be interesting to see if he’s really ready to settle down. This also isn’t his first foray into reality television, as he had a small role in Oxygen’s short-lived Brooklyn 11223.

Jessica Castro

Jessica Castro Married at First Sight

Jessica was previously engaged in a 7-year relationship, but that ended on a bad note. She still believes in love.

“My dating habits were obviously not getting me anywhere,” said the 30-year-old receptionist. “So I was willing to give this a shot, but it’s a scary process. I was 100% honest with the experts, because I wanted to find the perfect match.”

By this point, it’s probably no surprise that Jessica said she’s “all about” family. She actually applied for the first season, but the experts didn’t find a match for her at the time.

Married at First Sight premieres on A&E tonight at 9/8c.

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