Kim Zolciak refutes Photoshopping selfie claims with Photoshopped selfie?

Kim Zolciak selfie jeans thigh gap

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak Biermann has been sharing a number of eye-popping photos of herself on Instagram over the last few months, showing off the effects of waist training, plastic surgery, and 310 Nutrition for providing meal replacement shakes. But, some fans are arguing that the 36-year-od mother of six’s figure is also benefiting from the effects of Photoshop.

Some commenters pointed out that in the photo above the line in the background — which is broken up into three segments on the left of Kim’s thighs, the right, and in between her legs — is not straight like it should be. One commenter wrote, “Love Kim but this is soooooo photoshopped!! Look at the line of the rug between her legs!!! Come on @kimzolciakbiermann you don’t need to do that!!! #honestyisthebestpolicy” Kim responded to that comment by addressing the fact that the line isn’t a rug, but without really mentioning the Photoshop issue. “There is no rug it’s stone but nice try though.”

Another commenter wrote, “Gorgeously photoshopped. Look at the line between her legs, totally not even with the other sides of the rug. You are beautiful Kim, but don’t mislead people. We like you bc you keep it real, but this photo ain’t!”

Kim responded by once again addressing the rug issue, but this time she flat out denies any Photoshopping. “Hey hater,” she wrote, “my pic is not photo shopped I don’t need to photo shop sh!t and what rug are you talking about cause there is no rug #DontComeMYPageWithYourBullsh!t”

(It should also be pointed out that the other black line in the background, the one above the other that ends at Kim’s exposed hip, is supposed to be straight too, but is instead curved dramatically.)

Shortly after posting that selfie, Kim posted another selfie, seemingly in an attempt to prove that she has no need to Photoshop her pictures as she hashtagged it with #NotPhotoShoppedSoGiveThatSh!tARest:

kim zolciak photoshop Instagram

Commenters were quick to point out that this photo was more obviously Photoshopped than the prior one, as evidenced by the telltale sign of the background being distorted — in this case just below Kim’s left elbow in an apparent attempt to make her waist seem thinner:

kIm zolciak photoshopped Instagram selfie

This photo didn’t remain up very long as Kim deleted it shortly after posting, but because it’s the internet, it’s still “out there.”

We often report on celebrities Photoshopping their pictures, but I feel I should be clear that I have no issue with it — people can do whatever they want with their photos! But, folks seem to find the phenomenon interesting, so we report on it when it seems obvious. Plus, whenever someone flat out denies Photoshopping their photos when evidence seems to indicate otherwise, that only makes it more interesting to folks (like myself).

We’ll wrap this post up with a previous selfie posted by Kim Zolciak in which there are none of the telltale signs of Photoshopping, but something just doesn’t seem right. Kim seems REALLY obsessed with the concept of a thigh gap (which would explain why she is so often pigeon toed in her pictures) and some have suggested it has been exaggerated here:

Kim Zolciak thigh gap

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