Who is Andromeda Dunker, the narrator of House Hunters?

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Who narrates House Hunters? Who is the woman who narrates the show?

The hugely popular HGTV program House Hunters has become a full-bore franchise. Since its inception, House Hunters has spawned several notable spin-offs: House Hunters International; the occasionally controversial House Hunters: Where Are They Now? follow ups; and, most recently, House Hunters: Off The Grid. The show has had three voiceover narrators, two of which are well-known…but who is Andromeda Dunker, the current narrator of House Hunters?

Before we get to that question, though, we need to do a quick bit of de-bunking. Popular former host Suzanne Whang is often still listed as the host and / or narrator of House Hunters, though she left the show in 2007. And noted voice-over actress Colette Whitaker, who took over for the 2008-09 series, is also often thought of as the House Hunters narrator, despite the fact that she only did voice overs for one season.

Since 2009, the person responsible for House Hunters‘ peppy, yet neutral narration is a woman named Andromeda Dunker. Yes, “Andromeda Dunker” is her real name; her name is something that folks on Twitter seem to enjoy gawking over, on the rare occasions that they find out who narrates House Hunters:


Though she is best-known as the narrator of House Hunters, Andromeda Dunker has had a rich and storied career as a voice-over actress. In addition to her work as the House Hunters narrator, Andromeda Dunker can be seen in the 2002 Angelina Jolie vehicle Life or Something Like It; she can be heard as Major Dunya in the 2001 video game Aliens vs. Predator 2; and she can be heard as Woman on Gym Speaker in the “No Fault Divorce” episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine–a part for which, it’s worth noting, Andromeda Dunker was uncredited. 

Andromeda Dunker also performed stand-up comedy for a time; in fact, if you search for “Andromeda Dunker” on YouTube, the only result you get other than a bevy of House Hunters episodes is a ten-minute set from Dunker, filmed back in 2006. Take a look: Narrating House Hunters remains Andromeda Dunker’s bread and butter, though. According to IMDB, she’s narrated a whopping 860 episodes since taking over the job of narrator of House Hunters just six years ago.  


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