MUG SHOT Michael Anthony Ford, father of Alana Thompson’s sister Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon

Mug shot for the father of Jessica "Chubbs" Shannon

Michael Anthony Ford is the father of Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon, the older sister of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and one of the stars of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Ford, seen above, served more than 2 years in prison for sexual exploitation of a child over the Internet in 2005. Because of this crime he is now a registered sex offender.

UPDATE: Mama June is now claiming that Ford is also the father of daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon. She also indicated that Ford was arrested atfer being caught during an episode of To Catch a Predator.

This wasn’t the only offense he was arrested for as he was also charged with shoplifting at a Wal-Mart where he was employed and for passing bad checks.

Ford, (35), who currently resides in Cleveland, GA has been disenfranchised from his daughter. He said:

“June and I only dated for a few months, and she became pregnant. I left June and went with an­other woman a month before Jessica was born. Now I can’t see my daughter. The last time I called and asked to see her, they told me if I came down there, I would be arrested for harassment.”

Father of Honey Boo Boo's Chubbs - Mark Anthony Ford

Ford is frustrated with the arrangement and wishes for a relationship with his daughter:

“My daughter has grandparents, and I want her to get to know them while they’re still around. I’ve paid around $300 a month in child sup­port for years, even though I’m on Social Security, but still, I don’t get to see my own daughter.”

As for the show? Well let’s just say he isn’t a big fan:

“I think the kids are being exploited. It’s sad and ag­gravating. To my daughter, I’m just ‘Michael,’ not ‘Daddy.’ If Jessica wants to tell me, without being influenced by the rest of them, that she doesn’t want any­thing to do with me, I wouldn’t like it, but I would respect that. She doesn’t know me. She’s only seen me five times in her whole life.

He added, “When do I get to be a father?”

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