MUG SHOT Big Brother’s Willie Hantz arrested for drunk driving

Big Brother 14 Willie Hantz mugshot photo

Big Brother villain Willie Hantz was arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM this morning. The incident comes just days after Willie’s expulsion from the Big Brother house. Willie was allegedly drunk at the time of his arrest and later charged with an OWI.

Willie, who is the younger brother of Survivor villain Russell Hantz, was thrown out of the Big Brother house last Friday — and we don’t mean eliminated. After a verbal dispute with Joe Arvin got heated, Willie head-butted him leading executive producer Allison Grodner to call for his immediate exit.

Perhaps Willie’s sadness over leaving the show led him to hit the bottle a bit harder than usual last night at Bootleggers where he was hanging out pre-arrest. Several hours before he was thrown in the slammer, Willie tweeted about his night plans and advice to fellow partiers. “Lafatette downtown to bootleggers tonight. Walk up with your dukes up and I’ll headbutt you for free,” he wrote.

Willie Hantz drunk tweet

In his mug shot, the 34-year-old reality star was sporting the Mohawk which he gave himself during his stint in the Big Brother house. He even had a little smile on his face.

In addition to his arrest, he was involved in ANOTHER fight just this week! Luckily, this time it was only on Twitter. He and Alex Stein of The Glass House have been going back and forth on the social media site, and Stein even suggested that they meet up in the Bayou for a battle in the ring!

As for Willie’s OWI, it’s basically Louisiana’s version of a DWI. “Operating While Intoxicated” is a broader charge which allows drunks to also be arrested for operating other types of equipment such as a tractor or a crane.

UPDATE: The Lafayette City Police Department tells TMZ that they initially received a call about a fight in a parking lot. When cops arrived on the scene, all they found was a large group of people. As they were trying to clear the scene, they noticed a yellow 2012 Camaro driving towards the back of the lot when everyone else was heading towards the exit.

Cops began approaching the vehicle but before they reached it, Willie swung open the door and tried to run away. After what they claim was a “very short pursuit,” Willie was apprehended and arrested for OWI. He refused both a breathalyzer and a blood test.

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