Morning Starbuzz – June 30th, 2010

Ke$ha likes fat men with beards – Allie is Wired

Larry King to end show after 25 years – Popeater

Is Mischa Barton wearing pants? – Amy Grindhouse

Helen Mirren: Quote of the day – Celebrity Dirty Laundry

True Blood’s Mechad Brooks in GQTabloid Prodigy

Rob Lowe stays busy with new memoir – Betty Confidential

Kyle Boller and Carrie Prejean to be married – Bumpshack

Sneek Peek: Maroon 5’s “Misery” video – I Need My Fix

Brooke Burke wants to re-do your do – Busy Bee

Jimmy Kimmel clowns on Chris Brown – Dipped In Cream

Meet Lola, Madonna’s 13-year-old fashion guru – Earsucker

Perry and Brand marriage rumors – Oh the Scandal

Bennifer celebrate 5 years – Daily Stab

Gosselin inspired 15 WTF were they thinking celeb tattoos – The Frisky

Al Gore accuser name revealed – Radar

Bensimon and her jogging buddy thingy – dlisted