Morgan Christie: another woman who’s over Jon Gosselin

Morgan Christie can now join the growing list of women who are frustrated with Jon Gosselin. Why would she kick to the curb that lovable Ed Hardy dough-boy?

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Turns out he’s a lazy guy with no friends who just sits around all day eating Cheetohs and watching p*rn and his ex-wife Dance With the Stars. Well, at least that the translation for this statement from a source to InTouch Weekly:

“It was five months of his pure laziness and her mounting frustration. She couldn’t take it anymore. He was lying around all day long, not contributing to anything and not working. He doesn’t even have his own friends. He even mooched his social life off of her.”

What? Jon Gosselin doesn’t work? What a revelation. At least this didn’t end with Jon staging a break-in.

How does Morgan feel about kicking Jon and his X-Box to the curb? Just the way we’ve felt for the past several months without Jon Gosselin news assaulting our celebrity gossip: “relieved.”

Morgan now joins the thin ranks of women who were once entranced (the rest of us don’t know why) with the lackadaisical mystique of Jon Gosselin, but now cast a spiteful “meh” in his direction: Kate Gosselin, Kate Major (who now cozies up to Michael Lohan instead), and Hailey Glassman, to name a few.