Michael Abraham on Simon, Debra, Dr. David, Amber, Matt, Farrah and Ryan

Michael Abraham and Farrah Abraham together

Courtesy of a super-dramatic season finale, it has been quite the cuh-ray-zay week for Teen Mom OG drama! We reached out to Farrah Abraham’s dad, Michael Abraham, for his take on everything that happened on screen and off, including the situation with Matt and Amber as well as Farrah’s clash with Debra Danielsen’s fiance, Dr. David Merz.

First things first: For those of you who enjoy keeping up with Simon Saran on Twitter, then you probably saw this tweet about a mysterious and significant phone call Michael is apparently aware of:

We asked Michael about the phone call, and he tells us that it was a conversation between him and Farrah not long after the dramatic scene between Farrah and Dr. David was filmed in Key West. “Farrah called me at 10:30 PM after the incident with David,” Michael says. “She felt bad — she felt remorse about what had happened. She really wants to have a relationship with her mother and whoever is in her mother’s life.” Michael says the conversation was an emotional one, and the two talked for approximately an hour and a half.

Michael, who reportedly got into a bit of a verbal altercation with Debra’s doctor beau at Farrah’s birthday party in New York City, says that Dr. David “doesn’t get it” as far as Farrah goes. “He’s trying to change someone who isn’t going to change,” he says. “At least not in the way that he wants.”

Speaking of Simon on Twitter, he mentioned that Dr. David is “hiding something big” in his most recent online spat with Debra. Here’s the full tweet:

We asked Michael if he knew anything about the “something big” that Dr. David is allegedly hiding. “I honestly don’t know,” he says. (Dang it!)

Well, it’s clear that Simon and Debra are still having some issues — what about Simon’s relationship with Michael? “It’s all good,” Michael says. “We have our ups and down, but no DEFCON 2 or launching nuclear bombs at each other or anything. We have the same objectives, which include a loving and supportive environment for Sophia.”

It’s clear that Farrah is none-too-thrilled about her potential new step-dad, but what about her potential new step-mom? Michael says that Farrah and his girlfriend Amy get along great. Michael says that he and Amy have been living together for over two years and he attributes part of their success to the fact that Amy gives him and Farrah room to work on their father/daughter relationship.

Someone else giving Farrah room — although perhaps not by choice — is her mom, Debra Danielsen. Michael says there is “no communication” between the two now. As far as why she cut her mom off, Michael explains that “Farrah is protecting her daughter from the environment she had to live with.”

Speaking of “the environment she had to live with,” Michael mentions that the family’s appearance on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition was helpful to both him and Farrah. “Our relationship is the best it has been since she was 14,” Michael says. “She trusts me to help manage her businesses when she is away, and we text all the time.” (In case you were unaware, Farrah is currently on a whirlwind tour of the globe as part of her brand new dating reality series Single AF. The last I check she had just left Abu Dhabi and was currently in Australia.)

Michael is the first to admit that both he and Farrah still have a ways to go. He also admits that Farrah has her own difficulties. “Farrah is suffering through trauma,” Michael says, “but she’s working through it.”

Moving on from the Abrahams, we couldn’t resist asking Michael about the developments between Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier in the season finale. (I find it hard to believe that anyone reading this far wouldn’t know what happened, but just in case: Amber made Matt take a lie detector test and he failed the portion about making sexual advances on other women. Amber BLEW UP! It appears as though their relationship is over.)

I brought up the fact that Farrah was the only one of the other three Teen Mom OG moms that viewers saw express concerns about Matt to Amber. It happened last season when it was pointed out to Farrah that Matt had actually hit on her on Twitter prior to Amber. Farrah called Amber up to let her know, and to tell her to be careful. “Farrah honestly had Amber’s best interest in mind,” Michael says of the call. (Teen Mom OG viewers seemed to agree.) “She can smell a rat real fast,” Michael adds.

Michael Abraham Matt Baier quote

Also, there are new rumblings that the reported Amber Portwood sex tape deal with Vivid may still be a possibility, even if it doesn’t involve Matt. Michael didn’t give us his take on the whole sex tape thing, but he did share his daughter’s reaction to the news. “Farrah was concerned whether or not Amber is mentally capable of dealing with the adult film industry,” he says.

Of course, we had to ask Michael what he thought of Amber following in Farrah’s footsteps in another way — by appearing on Marriage Boot Camp with her mother and (I assume) Matt Baier. “Hopefully it opens her eyes,” he says, “and I hope it doesn’t crush her.”

Last, we asked about the controversial scene from the finale in which Ryan Edwards was recorded driving while obviously under the influence of drugs as he struggled to keep his eyes open. “I’m praying for him,” says Michael, adding that he is glad that no one was seriously hurt. Michael’s comment echo his tweet during the episode:

We’d like to thank Michael once again for taking the time to talk to us — with Farrah out of the country, his schedule is even more packed than usual!

Be sure to tune in to MTV Monday night at 9/8c for the Teen Mom OG Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew. Monday night will be part one of two, although it has not been revealed which moms will be up first.

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