Melissa Gorga’s “stripper boss” addresses scandal, Jacqueline Laurita posts Teresa Giudice text messages

Real Hosuewives of New Jersey Melissa Gorga stripper scandal with Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita

Gorgagate just keeps getting crazier and crazier! Last Wednesday night the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey were in attendance at the Posche Fashion Show put on by Kim DePaola when Melissa Gorga was blindsided by an appearance from a former male co-worker at… Lookers Gentleman’s Club!

Melissa’s former boss at Lookers, Larry Guarino, has since talked with Us Weekly to clarify that Melissa Gorga was NOT a stripper when she worked there, merely a bartender:

“She was a bartender for a couple of months years ago, it was such a short time,” Guarino tells Us of his former employee. “Lookers was really upscale then too; it wasn’t like she was bartending in some hole in the wall.”

Guarino goes on to say that the man who confronted Melissa Gorga at the fashion show, Angelo Voorhees, never even worked with her “because he worked during the day and she worked at night.”

We have two different, seemingly well-informed accounts of what went down, and the only major difference is whether or not Teresa Giudice was in on the set up in an attempt to embarrass Melissa Gorga by implying she had been a stripper. Rob from HuffPost Celebrity suggests it was Bravo that set the trap, but Lynn N Chicago (via RumorFix) has a source that tells her Teresa was in fact in on it.

So what does Us Weekly say?

And while Gorga’s sister-in-law Teresa Giudice may have attempted to comfort Gorga during the fashion show, a source confirms to Us that Giudice was in on the set-up.

And perhaps more important than what Us Weekly has to say, it’s obvious that Jacqueline Laurita believes Teresa was in on it judging from her tweets last week in which she stated, “Someone( not me) got set up tonight. There are some sneaky people trying to make someone look bad & then play innocent on camera. Sad.” She then revealed that she was pulling out of the reunion special scheduled to film the next day.

Text messages from Jacqueline Laurita to Teresa Giudice about Joe's mystery date photosAnd speaking of Jacqueline Laurita being upset at Teresa, some have speculated that is was Jacqueline who gave Radar Online a photo of Joe Giudice with a mystery woman at TGIF while the ladies were at the fashion show! Jacqueline has adamantly denied her hand in the photo being released and took to Twitter earlier today to share a bunch of screen caps of her text messages with Teresa Giudice about the photo scandal in which she says she tried to stop the photos from surfacing and also seems to reveal Joe Giudice threatened her husband!

The text message screen caps are at the right, and here is a transcript of what they say:

Tell your husband I am NOT getting into your business and NOT to threaten my husband!

I didn’t take or release those pictures and I’M also NOT the one in them!

I tried to stop them! I thought I was helping you! Don’t shoot the messenger! You were going to see them anyway.

I just wanted to give you both a heads up to be prepared before it went public.

She has a lot more. She may still release them.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

I think the girl said the girl he was with was named Nicole and she drives a white Mercedes car. She said that’s what they pulled up together in.

I don’t want to get [cut off] lying and it’s not my fault. True story.

Girl with the pictures is named Erin. I don’t know her last name.

I won’t say anymore to you about anything.

Best of luck with everything.

Soon after posting the texts she explained them by tweeting:

Teresa put out an article that I text her and threatened to release those pictures and I didn’t! I wanted to prove that. Teresa is scum!

She then promised that Gorgagate still has many as-yet-unrevealed facets!

What until u hear the rest.There is much more but I’m letting it all unravel little by little all on it’s own.No more talk about it!

And just in case all of that wasn’t enough, Jacqueline added another message in which she explains that Teresa did in fact know about the set well in advance. (I am assuming the “eyes” she refers to are Bravo cameras as she is probably contractually not allowed to talk about them specifically.)

Lie! Teresa told me that “rumor” adout Melissa when she first started the show. She wanted to out her then. She knew. She plotted it. She played dumb on camera and even defended Melissa. She even had the “eyes” with her with the guy at a salon earlier in the day telling her about Melissa, (she was acting) then he conveniently came to the fashion show, said what he was told to say then left immediately after.

Teresa never text Melissa to warn her about what the guy said earlier that day when the “eyes” were there and then waited until the fashion show to ask her about it when the “eyes” were around again. Hmmm. (I had a witness tell me what he even over heard without the “eyes” around.) You figure it out.

There is even a lot more to the story that will eventually come out. Be patient. She’s no good and yes… She has stabbed me in the back PLENTY of times. I’m not so forgiving anymore.

Oh man! I think I might like this even better than watching the show! (Man, the reunion is gonna seem absolutely ridiculous because they won’t even be able to address this whole mess, which was filmed for Season 4!)

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