Meghan McCain is getting her own reality show: Raising McCain

Meghan McCain scores reality show Raising McCain

Meghan McCain is the world’s next reality star. The outspoken daughter of Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain has landed her own “‘Meet the Press’ meets ‘Jackass'”-style show which will air on Participant Media’s new cable network, Pivot.

According to Page Six, Meghan told press, “I grew up around journalists, and I came to realize that the best, most valuable moments happened in the green room before the interview and during the shots of whiskey afterwards.”

Meghan always seemed to love the spotlight. Back in the days of The Hills, she was spotted hanging with friend Heidi Montag who at the time was a serious paparazzi magnet. The next year, she was spotted with Tila Tequila who joked that Meghan was her girlfriend.

A couple of scandalous Twitter photos later, and Meghan was in Playboy, where she spoke of her love for men and sex. It may not have been the best idea at the time, considering her father’s position in politics, but it was the perfect formula for generating enough curiosity to land her a reality show.

Raising McCain will follow Meghan as she hits the road interviewing “unexpected experts, regular people and members of her generation, exploring the most important and unusual questions of the day framed by Meghan’s experiences in her personal life.”

The network has ordered ten half-hour episodes of Raising McCain that will begin airing on August 1.

Top Photo: Joseph Marzullo/

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