Meet Matthew Terry, the Super Hot model from Calvin Klein’s Super Bowl 2013 ad


A major highlight of Super Bowl XLVII is Calvin Klein Matthew Terry, who showcased his Super Abs in a much coveted ad spot.

How did he get his body into such chiseled condition? One year ago, when had just signed to Calvin Klein, he told Men’s Health all about his workout routine:

I generally try to work out four to five days a week, along with any
other small workouts that I do at home during my spare time. Some days I do a full body workout at the gym and other days target specific muscles. I like to focus the most on my core. I try to incorporate it into my workouts every time I exercise.

Actually, the guys’s an expert at exercise. His previous job (right after working construction, and stocking grocery shelves) was as a personal trainer.

He didn’t actively seek to become a model though, his mom secretly submitted his photos for a VMAN/Ford Model search, and he became a finalist. A few weeks later, Calvin Klein signed him, and after this Super Bowl commercial you can bet he’ll be one of the most sought-after male models out there.

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