LOVE OFF THE GRID Lyndsay McKeever arrested for assault EXCLUSIVE

Love Off The Grid Lyndsay McKeever arrested for assault

Love Off the Grid Star Lyndsay McKeever is facing multiple criminal charges, including assault, after an alleged altercation at a Grand Junction, Colorado concert venue.

According to the summons, the incident took place at the Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park on August 11, 2022 just after 11PM. The document lists a 19-year-old girl as the victim and a 40-year-old man as a witness. The male witness looks to be a security guard.

Lyndsay is currently facing charges of 3rd Degree Assault (class 1 misdemeanor), Obstructing a Peace Officer (class 2 misdemeanor), and Disorderly Conduct — Fighting In Public (Unclassified Petty Offense). The case is still open with a status conference scheduled for December 28.

In addition to the summons document, Starcasm also obtained the Case Report from the Grand Junction Police Department. Unfortunately, neither document included any specifics in regards to the alleged incident. The “Summary” from the Case Report simply states “An assault was reported at 925 Struthers Avenue involving known subjects.”

Meanwhile, the arresting officer wrote “See Report” in the “Narrative” section of the summons.

Lyndsay Posted About Her Arrest On Instagram

Police and court records may not have much info about what happened that resulted in Lyndsay’s arrest, but a video that Lyndsay posted on Instagram does! Shortly after she was charged, Lyndsay shared an Instagram story that included a brief video of her on the night of the incident!

“Thank f***ing goddess someone caught this on film,” Lyndsay wrote, along with an unmuted version of the clip above. “Footage of me recycling at a show before Los [sic] Colonias security decided I wasn’t recycling appropriately & attacked me, tackling me to ground & lying about the entire incident.”

Wait, Lyndsay was arrested for assault because of an altercation after she “wasn’t recycling appropriately?!” Wow.

“I am now in serious legal situation facing assault charges for defending myself from excessive force/brutality,” Lyndsay continued. “My experience in GJ is that many people lie & intentionally hurt people. I have had an insane time living in this community & hardly feel safe in public.” I do not believe Lyndsay has posted about her arrest since breaking the news by sharing the video.

Lyndsay Trashes Love Off The Grid Season 2 Casting Call

Recycling isn’t the only thing that gets Lyndsay worked up! Lyndsay has been VERY vocal about her negative experience filming Love Off The Grid, and her frustration with producers has not gone away.

Lyndsay recently shared a casting call for Love Off The Grid Season 2 in her Instagram stories. “When you see shi**y producers advertising / casting for new Love Off The Grid souls…and you do you best to share the truth / warn people not to do it,” Lyndsay wrote on the two-part story post.

The second half included a screen cap of this comment Lyndsay left on the casting call post:

“Tell us your love story and we will exploit you, pay you minimum wage and misportray / misrepresent your relationship so badly, people will threaten, stalk, slander and cyberbully you, sign up now!’ – Love Off the Grid cast member 2022.

And here’s a post from Lyndsay’s Instagram feed expressing a similar sentiment:

If you’re curious why Lyndsay was the subject of so much negativity, it mostly had to do with how she treated her dogs. Viewers will recall her husky Mahayla going missing and then needing to be hospitalized once found. Lyndsay later defended herself at length online, but her defensiveness just seemed to inspire more negativity.

Lyndsay actually runs a dog daycare and boarding facility out of her family’s farmhouse near Grand Junction. She clearly cares deeply for her dogs, and it does appear that she got a pretty bad edit on the show in that regard.

On a side note, I’m not like Lyndsay in that I am pretty excited to hear that they are actively casting for Love Off The Grid season 2! It was a very enjoyable show! Ironically, given Lyndsay’s experience, part of what I liked so much about the series is that the entire cast was shown in a positive light. (Personally, I liked Lyndsay on the show.)

We will continue to monitor Lyndsay’s criminal case, so stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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