LOVE OFF THE GRID Lyndsay’s dog Mahayla health update

Love Off The Grid Lindsay's dog Mahea update

Love Off The Grid star Lyndsay McKeever didn’t participate in “The Aftermath” special, so viewers didn’t get her take on the season, or updates on her life. Since the finale episode, the most asked question online is in regards to Lyndsay’s dog, Mahayla.

If you watched Love Off The Grid, then you know that Mahayla (pronounced ma-hay-uh and spelled “Mahea” by producers) went missing one morning. “Last night, Mahayla was really sick,” Lyndsay explained. “She wasn’t drinking too much water. We noticed she was pretty lethargic, and we weren’t sure why. We leave the door open so the dogs can come in and out of the cabin, and for some reason she just wandered out, and I’m freaking out right now.”

Lyndsay eventually found Mahayla, but she was not doing well at all. With the help of the production crew, they drove the husky to an animal hospital in Grand Junction where Spence was waiting.

“Mahayla is staying overnight at the vet, but we still don’t have a clear prognosis,” Lyndsay said later in the episode. After the Season Finale wrapped, Discovery + added in a text update that “their dog, Mahea [sic], made a full recovery.” Viewers wanted more information.

“Just watched the show!” someone commented on Lyndsay’s Instagram. “How’s your dog? We saw she made a full recovery😍 Did they ever figure out what was wrong?”

“We think she ate something that made her sick,” Lyndsay answered. “No conclusive diagnosis, but she’s healthy and happy now!”

Lyndsay and Spence filmed for the show roughly six months ago, and she provided a similar update on the diagnosis back in July. Unfortunately, the update accompanied a post about Lyndsay’s shepherd mix, Dobby, recovering from a broken leg. On a positive note, Lyndsay revealed in the post that she was accepted to the Colorado Mesa University Veterinary Technician Program!

Here’s the gallery followed by Lyndsay’s full caption:

Lyndsay Becoming A Vet Tech

“Becoming a Veterinary Technician couldn’t happen sooner. I was recently accepted to the Colorado Mesa University – Vet Tech Program & I start classes late January. I am honored to have been selected for this competitive 2 year school πŸ₯πŸΎπŸ“š

“Until then, alot of my time will go to nursing my shepherd mix Dobby who recently broke his leg (femur) & underwent surgery. Its been a stressful, heartwrenching experience. He has a long road to recovery & I carry him outside daily to relieve himself & constantly soothe & distract him from the pain/discomfort πŸ’”πŸ¦΄

“This vet emergency is the 2nd in a few months. My female husky Mahayla was also hospitalized in intensive care for a few days after getting very sick & dehydrated from what we believe was eating a diseased mouse 🐁🀒

“Combined these vet bills have totaled over $4,300 & its been financially devastating. If anyone would like to donate or send support, my Venmo is @ Lyndsay-McKeever, link in bio. Thank you πŸ™β€

“Alternatively, I have a large guest room available in my family’s farmhouse in Palisade/Grand Junction. If you would like to escape to the beautiful wild desert of the Grand Valley for a few days, please reach out! You can borrow my mountain bike or OneWheel to explore the amazing trails, or I can take you on a magical @colorado.river.rickshaw pedicab tour along the Riverfront or to local wineries 🍷🚲🏜

“Lastly, I am so grateful for Grand View Animal Hospital who were able to take Dobby into care immediately & have surgery scheduled in record time. It was truly a miracle & blessing my sweet boy only waited 36 hours for his specialized surgery. Thank you from the bottom of my β€πŸ™πŸ•

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Lyndsay’s Dog Daycare & Boarding House

Lyndsay mentions having “a large guest room available in my family’s farmhouse in Palisade/Grand Junction” in her caption above. I assume that is the location for her doggy daycare and boarding house that she currently has listed on!

“Specializing in doggy daycare & dog boarding, my family welcomes your fur babies to our 5 acre fully fenced farmhouse property – dog paradise!” reads the Rover description.

The daycare has an outdoor pool for “swimming or cooling down in hot summers.” Lyndsay mentions in the listing that she is also available for housesitting, petsitting, and dog walking.

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