LINKS! Kylie Jenner nude photo gallery, A-Rod’s rod, Joel Osteen is a douche…

Kylie Jenner nude photo gallery

DLISTEDInterview magazine calls Kim Kardashian “America’s First Lady”; America yawns

REALITY TEALuann de Lesseps is ready to talk about the straw that broke the camel’s back (the camel is her marriage to Tom D’Agostino)

CELEBITCHYA Memphis theater has canceled its regular screenings of Gone With The Wind; let’s talk about it

JEZEBELLegit clowns are worried that the It remake is bringing down their business

THE BLEMISHThough she hasn’t left much to the imagination over the years, here’s the first-ever Kylie Jenner nude photo gallery

VOXThis sounds like something out of a TV show, which makes it all the more frightening

VERY SMART BROTHAS “Floyd Mayweather Jr. Didn’t Beat ‘Racism,’ He Just Beat a Racist White Boy (and Made Him Rich)”

THE SUPERFICIALAnd here’s a photo gallery of Alex Rodriguez’s penis in sweatpants

UPROXXJoel Osteen kept his his non-flooded Houston megachurch closed during Hurricane Harvey and is rightly getting dragged to hell and back for it

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner nude photo gallery via Instagram)

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