LINKS! Donald Trump is to blame, Olivia Munn ass worship, Prince Harry engaged…

A Melania Trump wax figure is displayed at Wax Museum

DLISTEDPrince Harry might have just gotten engaged to Meghan Markle

REALITY TEAEden Sassoon sh!t-talked a whole bunch of the RHOBH cast on Brandi Glanville’s podcast

CELEBITCHYCharlottesville mayor Michael Signer lays the blame for this weekend’s neo-Nazi violence right at Donald Trump’s feet

JEZEBELSpeaking of which, there are a lot more unemployed American Nazis today than there were yesterday

VOX“The Trump Tango is tiresome and pointless”

UPROXXThis white supremacist’s father went so far as to disown his son after learning that the son had gone to Charlottesville

VERY SMART BROTHASWhite supremacy sure does *seem* like an even bigger crisis than the opioid epidemic

THE BLEMISHOn a brighter note, here’s video of two Yankees fans having sex on the subway after a bad loss

CELEBSLAMOlivia Munn’s new gig involves people worshiping her ass, apparently

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