LHHATL Stevie J has a new baby mama and they just tore each other apart on Instagram

Stevie J baby mama 1

The Stevie J baby mama drama is real: and, for detached observers of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, it’s spectacular. Stevie is expecting a child with Atlanta businesswoman Ms. Jackson, with whom he went all in on a period panty endeavor earlier this year. If you missed that story, or think it’s made up, think again: Jackson is the owner of My Pretty Panty undergarments for young ladies, which the company’s press release called “a dope product to help the ladies feel comfortable and oh so pretty during that special time of the month.” Elsewhere, the press release promised “Stevie J is all about helping the ladies feel comfortable and My Pretty Panty does just that.”

Just to be perfectly clear: no, we are not making this up. Click here to read our original article from this past March. Plus, here’s a photo of Stevie J and Ms. Jackson from the time:

Stevie J my pretty panty with Ms Jackson

(How do you have a party bus for girls’ underwear?) And here are a couple of Ms. Jackson bikini photos, also from earlier this year:

Stevie J and Ms. Jackson 3

Stevie J and Ms. Jackson 2

So: if you’re wondering why Stevie J, master of female comfort, was really hawking underwear for young girls six months ago, it’s because he was in the sack with the female in charge. Unfortunately for both parties, it looks like the relationship soured, which is why they took to social media to throw some seriously hateful shade at each other. Compounding matters was the fact that they did so in the comments section for the official Instagram page of noted gossip blog Fameolous, which blog is routinely first on the scene with Love & Hip Hop tea. The following Instagram posts are taken directly from Fameolous’ page; see if you can keep up with the furious pace of this world-class shade casting:

She messing up my @warriors game with this mess? @vh1joselinehernandez @hitmansteviej_1

A photo posted by fameolous.com (@fameolousent) on

@hitmansteviej_1 has responded to his ex/alleged baby mother, he claims she had fake abortions and did drugs as well?

A photo posted by fameolous.com (@fameolousent) on

Chile… it's getting good!?

A photo posted by fameolous.com (@fameolousent) on

Cocaine, fake abortions, cheating allegations, and backstabbing: LHHATL Season 5 might have ended for the viewers, but it’s still going strong for Stevie J! And if he really is getting his own show after being booted from the Love & Hip Hop cast, what better place to start than with a little Stevie J baby mama drama?

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(Photo credits: Stevie J baby mama via Instagram; h/t to Fameolous)

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