Lady Gaga’s nude pool pic with boyfriend Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga nude with boyfriend taylor Kinney pool water

Yesterday Lady Gaga announced the title of her new album, ARTPOP, and now she’s posting naked photos of herself. Promotion time!

But seriously, this “nude” is less naked than most of Lady Gaga’s outfits (also she’s a lot less naked than she is here.) It’s kind of a lovely, hot picture, though.

She’s kissing and being held by boyfriend Taylor Kinney in a swimming pool wearing nothing but eyeliner.

Gaga’s currently about half-way done with her 110-date Born This Way Ball, which will end just in time for ARTPOP.

She’s been dating Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney for about a year. They met while filming her “You and I” video last summer. Taylor’s been cast on a new NBC drama Chicago Fire, so it looks like these romantic moments in the pool might be rare for this hard-working showbiz couple.