Lady Gaga “Marry the Night” video released – watch online now

Lady Gaga Marry the Night music video still photo

Lady Gaga has finally released the full music video for her latest single “Marry the Night.” Clocking in at well over thirteen minutes, the artsy mini-film marks the directorial debut for Lady Gaga, who stars throughout as a hospital patient, ballet dancer, car explosion enthusiast, and really bad Cheerios eater.

Perhaps most notable thing in the clip is Gaga’s seemingly limitless ability to come up with creative ways to conceal her nipples! Oh, and bedazzling! But I’ll hush up and let you watch for yourself…

Hmmmm… That was like an epic and anthemic Pat Benatar revisioning! My two favorite parts are one, that she took the music video staple of choreographed dancing (which I have an irrational aversion to) and put it in the context of… a dance class! (Although the dancers do briefly appear on the street later.)

And number two, you just can’t go wrong with a Smokey and the Bandit era black t-top Pontiac Firebird Trans Am! Am I right?

What did you think of the video? Love it? Hate it? Confused at what your eyes just witnessed?

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