PHOTO Kim Kardashian’s NASCAR Sprint Cup racing car

Kim Kardashian's pink perfume NASCAR car

Is Kim Kardashian now Kim NASCARdashian?!? It appears so as Tommy Baldwin Racing is set to unveil their Kardashian perfume-themed number 38 car at the Shelby American NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Las Vegas on February 28.

As you can see above, the car will be two shades of pink with Kim Kardashian’s image on the hood of the car, which seems odd for someone infamous for the junk in her trunk! Mike Bliss will be the one risking his life and reputation by driving the Kim Kardascar as I’m sure every other driver on the track, as well as fans in the parking lot, will be gunning for him.

Here is Kim’s unveiling of the car from her website as well as information on how you can register to win a trip to Las Vegas where you can join Kim in rooting on the number 36 car:

I have to tell you about this amazing sweepstakes Sephora and I are doing! One grand-prize winner and a guest will be flown out to Las Vegas to meet me at my fragrance event at Sephora at the Venetian and attend my launch after-party at Tao!! Tao is one of my favorite clubs in Vegas… you guys will LOVE IT!

And… the part I’m most excited for… you will come to the Shelby American NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event to help me cheer on my car, #36 and the TRB team.

! I can’t believe I actually have my own NASCAR racing car! No one has seen this yet, so this is your exclusive first look at my car! What do you think?

(CLICK HERE to enter the sweepstakes!)

Kim is no stranger to the racing world or the checkered flag as she wore one as part of a tight black body suit back in June to kick off the PepsiMax Bullrun 2009 event in New York City:

Kim Kardashian in a racy tight bodysuit and high heels

Is there anyone better to begin a race? I know she’s got my engine started! Oh, and check out the folks in the background of these images who can’t help but stare in wild wonder at the 8th natural wonder of the world: Kim Kardashian’s booty!

An onlooker gazes in wild wonder at Kim Kardashian's butt

Kim Kardashian's junk in the trunk is once again the star of the show

Butt if Kim is going to fully commit to the racing world she’s going to need to change her name. Here are a few of my tush-themed suggestions:

Tail Earnhardt
Bobby Labootay
Keisterling Martin
Gluteus Max Papis
Tail Yarborough
Derrierell Waltrip

My personal favorite is Derrierell Waltrip, although both of the Tails have that NASCAR Hall of Fame cache…

**** NOTE FROM STARCASM – It appears as though our “exclusive Kim Kardashian perfume sneak peek” was a bit erroneous. Even journalists can’t be all right all the time! (For the record, I like ours better.)

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