VIDEO Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield fight on Ellen while the rest of the Atlanta Housewives watch

Ellen passes out blindfolds to the peaches and cues up "Tardy for the Party"

Ellen passes out blindfolds to the peaches and cues up "Tardy for the Party"

Find out why Kim started wearing wigs.

The date 9/9/09 was special, and it’s not because of mathematical lore and the endtimes, it’s because Ellen had all of the Atlanta Housewives on her show. It was amazing! All it took was one question for the whole thing to go to the cats between Sheree and Kim. It was so intense that none of the other girls got to say anything, not even Nene!

It was great watching my new favorite cast member Kandi’s face while all the snarling went on. Since Sheree was sitting directly behind Kim I kept expecting her to lose herself and take another grab at that wig, but sadly it didn’t happen. It got so crazy Ellen had to physically put herself between them, but Sheree actually craned her neck around Ellen so she keep yelling at Kim.

So now who’s the ghettoist one of them all? I could tell Kandi was secretly asking that in her head.

After they got back from break Ellen made them play blindfolded musical chairs to “Don’t be Tardy to the Party,” and the whole thing made me snort my Cheerios out of my nose. I didn’t know that that was one of the things I wanted to see before I died. But Ellen knew. Ellen knew and she delivered.

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