FASHION FAIL Jennifer Connelly as Spongeconnelly Squaredress

Jennifer Connelly gets rectangular promoting Creation at the Toronto Film Festival

Maybe it’s just an optical illusion caused by recently staring at the curvaceous Kelly Brook too long, but it appears to me that an idiot fashion designer out there has miraculously come up with a dress that somehow completely sucks the hotness out of Jennifer Connelly.

Look at this outfit she wore to the Toronto International Film Festival this evening! Not only does it completely square off her figure, but through some sort of dark fashion sorcery it manages to make her breasts look like unpleasant squished lumps of goo. NOOOOOO!!!!

This just has to be a conspiracy. Jennifer was at the festival to promote the film Creation, based on the life of evolutionist Charles Darwin, so maybe she just hates the movie and this is her way of sabotaging it? That would explain the unhappy look on her face as well. And, if you look close enough, you’ll notice a small stain on her dress just to the right of her handbag. Yeah, it has to be a conspiracy, or at least some sort of cruel joke.

Jennifer Connelly in a rectangular fashion fail promoting Creation at the Toronto Film Festival

Wow. I’m staring at Jennifer Connelly and feeling nothing. Is this what it’s like to be gay?

If you want to see more square Connelly, here’s the trailer to Creation in which Jennifer plays the very religious wife of scientist Charles Darwin:

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