Why does Kim Zolciak wear a wig? She blames anemia, thyroid condition for hair loss / wig use

Why did kim Zolciak lose her hair?

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2 Reunion Special, Part 1 Andy Cohen brought up Kim’s odd story at last year’s reunion about how not having cancer made her hair fall out. Basically, Kim delivered the story with the word “cancer” upfront to make everyone feel shocked and sad for her, until she later revealed that she hadn’t actually had the disease, but some other “issues”. It was a really odd story that made Lisa Wu Hartwell so riled up she threatened to throw Kim over the couch.

Kim tried to move on, but Andy kept at her until she said said she had anemia and a thyroid problem. He repeated “So you’re saying you had anemia and a thyroid problem, and that made your hair fall out?” Kim replied, “yes.”

Being the investigative reporter that I am, I googled this, and found that in fact, both anemia and thyroid issues can cause you to shed follicles. Assuming that Kim actually had these conditions (which she says she’s managing with pills), she should have just said that from the beginning without throwing in the dreaded C-word to make herself look like a lying attention hound.

Andy simply wouldn’t let Kim get away with anything last night, because he even goaded her about Big Poppa. Andy Cohen is relentless. Kim insisted that she was done with Big Papa until she saw his divorce papers, and she is currently seeing other people. She also insisted that she wasn’t a “mistress” because Big Poppa “sleeps” in her bed 6 days a week and his wife lives in California.

Interestingly enough, Big Poppa showed up while the reunion special was taping to offer Kim support. Kim said that she hasn’t talked to him in a while, but he stopped by to check on her because he knew the last reunion had been so rough. According to Andy, Kim gave Big P some serious lip action before he left. That old fire must still be burning.

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12 thoughts on “Why does Kim Zolciak wear a wig? She blames anemia, thyroid condition for hair loss / wig use

  1. Thank you for looking up. I decided to write about NeNe’s decision to let her father call her, but I was distracted momentarily by that whole thyroid story. I was wondering would it really make a person lose their hair, and now I know it’s possible. But that still doesn’t seem like a logical explanation to wear a wig when your hair has grown back to get the “white market” to catch up. The whole point of wearing weave and wigs is to get black women’s hair to be as long as white women’s hair grows in about a year or two. I don’t even understand why a white woman would wear weave, but whatever.

    1. first of all dummy, women of MANY races wear weaves, wigs and tracks, including whites! Not only that, but its been done for centuries. So get your facts straight before you make some sweeping, incorrect generalization about what the black woman does to be ‘white’.
      I myself, a black woman, had NATURALLY long hair before an illness made my hair fall out and I STILL would NEVER wear a weave or wig. Educate yourself before you put something out there that confirms your ignorance.

  2. Ugh, I meant to say “looking this up,” not “for looking up.” Like you, I really don’t understand why she brought up cancer to begin with. That word should’ve never entered the conversation. Did you see the look on Lisa’s face when she said she never said she had cancer? I wonder was that a lie. But Kim didn’t disturb me as much as NeNe’s comment about how “there were so many Asians.” Sometimes I wish she’d just be quiet.

  3. FYI – if you become anorexic and don’t eat for a month, your hair will start to fall out. I’m not saying she is – Kim certainly does not look anorexic now…but she has clearly had some work done and she does smoke, which most anorexics do in order to help stave off food cravings. So it’s possible that three years ago she may have struggled with anorexia.

  4. I am just now going through this problem havng both issues as se does also a few others like Lupus. It is very hard for me because I have always had nice thick long blonde hair and now it is falling out left and right. I don’t wash my hair much or brush it I have stayed in doors with my tears. So at least she has found something that makes her feel good about it.

    1. Yep, me too. I sympathize with any woman who’s losing their hair and I think you should do whatever makes you feel better about your appearance–wigs, clip in extensions..I’ve tried it all. I must say the blonde wigs tend to look a bit more wiggy because of the high shine..luckily my hair’s darker so most people have no idea I wear peices and wigs. I take zinc supplements and a cup of frozen spinach in a fruit smoothy every morning plus rogain to control my hairloss,and still it’s tough to regain the thickness.

  5. I’ve been curious about wigs and extensions as the last three years I have went through medical issues and have now had to have a hysterectomy but before that went through a very stressful time in my life and my hair was always thin but became falling out and I’m only 33. I’m tall very thin, blonde and blue eyes and have not a bald spot yet but very thin hair and it doesn’t matter what I do and in my town which is like no where USA we don’t have many wig places or stylist that know anything about extentions or wigs. I don’t think it should matter about the color of your skin but how it’s gonna make you feel. I’m very depressed from it all as I once was beutiful and now feel very unattractive and not sure what to do and I’m a working class woman that can’t afford 3G or 4G hair care. I hope this becomes available for people like me in the midwest. We need to feel good even if it’s just going to the store or the office to work.

  6. I feel for kim I lost my hair due to enima and malnutrition and yes people you can loose your hair and it’s devastating I have despratley tried reaching out to Kim because I think last seasons wigs looked amazing people need to stop hating on her she has been through alot medically I love her wig I wish I had one I would were it you look great Kim don’t listen to people that have no idea what it’s like to loose their hair they need to listed to lady gaga song entitled Hair listen people listen.

  7. I thought she was just lazy and sick of doing her own hair everyday! I’ve always loved her hair and thought it always looked great, nothing I can’t do myself but everyday to throw on a wig all done and perfect not having to go get touch ups and everything els us lady’s do to look good for our significant other or just to be seen looking good then more power to ya, but I find it fun and love doing my own hair and when I get asked who did or does my hair and I tell them I did it myself , it feels great! Hopefully Kim gets better and one day she can have her hair where it is today and do it herself! Get well soon! It’s hard being a reality tv star when there’s nothing you can hide. It’s like living in a small town when everyone knows everything you do and say even before you’ve said or done it. LoL

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