Khloe Kardashian is “happier being heavier”

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Khloé Kardashian has been through many well-documented ups and downs with her weight. Back in 2009, she lost 30 pounds by taking (and endorsing) QuickTrim diet pills. Recently, she’s added some weight back on, but its not getting in the way of her body confidence — in fact, Khloé says she is more comfortable with some curves.

“Honestly, I’m happy with myself if I’m a little heavier,” Khloé said for a February 2013 interview with Glamour.

The 28-year-old added she was tired of conforming to “someone else’s idea of beauty.” Instead of worrying about a number on the scale, Khloé is focusing on her marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom, developing her new line of beauty products and picking up some TV gigs, such as her stint as an X Factor host.

Khloé, who’s never been timid with her opinions, is a truly fun person to watch on TV. That’s why were’re glad to see her publicly accepting her beautiful body for what it is than trying to manipulate it with dangerous diet pills. In fact, according to product analyses, the QuickTrim line hawked by the Kardashian sisters contains excessive amounts of caffeine and laxatives. Unlike with prescription drugs, which are intensely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, ingredients in QuickTrim and other diet products can slide by without written warning.

Khloe Kardashian Endorses QuickTrim

^ Khloé at a 2009 QuickTrim endorsement event.

With potential side effects ranging from caffeine poisoning to a heart arrhythmia, it’s a good thing that Khloé seems to have dropped the diet pills!

Top picture from Khloé’s blog in August 2012.

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