Katy Perry in ‘Katy and the Popcats’ Popchips video short

Katy Perry and the Popcats from the Popchips commercial video short

Katy Perry has essentially been on a publicity hiatus since her split from hubby Russell Brand and the world (at least mine) has been a little less bright because of it. With her music, her fashion, and her personality, Katy always seems to bring a sense of fun to a pop culture landscape that can sometimes seem to overflow with negativity. Today I got a much-needed jolt of that Katy Perry fun with her new video short for Popchips called “Katy and the Popcats” in which Katy Purry and her team of fluorescent-wigged kitties go after Fat Cat and his unhealthy fried “Fatty Snacks.”

Katy Perry and Popcat Widget

The clip starts off with Katy rapping as she drives the Katy and the Popcats van with her fluorescent feline pals riding shotgun.

We got nine lives
Goin’ up against fried
We’re Katy and the Popcats
Rollin’ in our ride
Hackin’ all the systems
And using all the ???
We’re so fly
We got our own theme song
Poppin’ those chips
And we’re shuttin’ down fried
Ain’t afraid of bad guys
‘Cause we got nine lives

After that the adventure begins as Fat Cat threatens to get his Fatty Snacks in the hands of an unsuspecting hungry consumer. Here’s the clip:

And here’s Katy Perry’s team of Popcats:

Katy Perry Popcats Lulu The Wheels

Katy Perry Popcats Widget The Brains

Katy Perry Popcats Boodles The Muscle

Katy Perry Popcats The Boss

Katy Perry Popcats Fat Cat Popchips

Be sure to check out Katy Perry’s own flavor of Popchips called “Katy’s Kettle Corn.” Also, Popchips is currently running a promotion with the ASPCA — click here to find out more about that!