Top 5 Star Wars Jersey Shore trading cards

Jersey Shore Star Wars cards all

Ever wonder what the world would be like if George Lucas made reality television shows? Or if MTV made classic science fiction movies?

Me either. I have no idea why I did these. But, I DID! Here are some collectible trading cards from the alternate universe mashing up a galaxy far, far away with the boardwalk just across the river. It’s the world of Ewops, Tattoo-ine and partying at the Mos Jersey Cantina. A wonderful place where the stress of saving the universe over and over is replaced by the relative ease of hooking up with random hot Guidos and Guidettes over and over.

Though there are numerous beautiful characters and things from the offspring of Star Wars and Jersey Shore, I’ve managed to whittle it down to the Top 5, and here they are:

DJ Paul DelVecchio as R2 DJ Pauly D2

5. DJ Pauly D as R2 DJ Pauly D2


Princess AngeLeia from the Star Wars Jersey Shore trading cards set

4. Angelina Pivarnick as Princess AngeLeia


Snooki the Wookiee from the Star Wars Jersey Shore trading cards set

3. Nicole Polizzi as Snooki the Wookiee


Mike The Situation Sorrentino as The Sithuation

2. Mike Sorrentino as “The Sithuation”


Gueedo is the number one Star Wars Jersey Shore trading card

1. A Guido as Gueedo


Please know that I meant no offense to Star Wars fans.

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