Kathy Wakile before and after nose job

Kathy Wakile revealed at the start of the Season 4 reunion of Real Housewives of New Jersey that she got a nose job and some lip injections. This wasn’t a huge secret because this May Kathy talked to Andy Cohen about it on Watch What Happens Live.

As you can tell from the before-and-after pics (the first was from August 18, 2011, and the second is from September 20, 2012) Kathy’s nose job isn’t very dramatic. This January she got the nose job because she had a bump forming after breaking her nose twice.

She decided to try lip injections because her lips seemed smaller after getting her nose done, but it looks like she hasn’t really kept up the injections because they’re not noticeable at all in the photo from September 20.

Maybe she heeded Andy’s warning to not go too far with the altering her face. Of all the Real Housewives’ plastic surgeries, Kathy’s is definitely the most low-key.