Angry drunk Kate Major Lohan arrested for trying to drive off in a bus after driver missed her stop

Lindsay Lohan’s troubled stepmom Kate Major Lohan found herself back behind bars on Christmas after she allegedly attacked a bus driver in a drunken rage before then trying to drive off in the bus — with passengers on board!

According to the criminal complaint, first obtained by The Blast, Kate was traveling on a Bieber Tourways bus when she missed her scheduled stop in Hellertown, Pennsylvania just before 5PM on Christmas Day. The female bus driver and multiple passengers tell police that Kate became very irate after missing her stop and began to berate the driver for approximately 15 minutes when the bus reached its next scheduled stop at the Bieber Bus Terminal in Lower Macungie Township.

Once the bus was stopped, the driver says Kate lunged at her, grabbed her coat, and refused to let go. The driver was able to push Kate off the bus, but she later managed to not only get back on, but got in the driver’s seat and tried to drive away!

The driver told police that Kate “got into the driver’s seat, and pushed various buttons, while appearing to want to move the bus. There were several passengers on the bus at this time and the bus engine was running. One passenger physically removed Lohan from the driver’s seat at this time.”

The arresting officers state that they smelled “a strong odor of alcoholic beverage” on Kate’s breath, and she told them she had a “few glasses of wine” earlier in the day.

Because of her attempt at grand theft bus, Kate was not only charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, and public drunkeness, but she also faces two drunk driving charges — including one charge for driving a commercial vehicle while under the influence!

Here is the full list of charges that Kate currently faces:

Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact

Disorderly Conduct Engage In Fighting

Disorder Conduct Hazardous/Physi Off

Public Drunkenness And Similar Misconduct

DUI: Commercial Vehicle (BAC .04+) 1st Offense

DUI: Incapable of Safely Operating Vehicle – 1st Offense

Kate spent Christmas night behind bars at the Lehigh County Jail’s Central Booking Center before being arraigned Wednesday morning at 7:20 AM. Her bail was set at $2,500, which Kate paid and she was immediately released. According to court records, Kate’s next hearing is scheduled for January 3.

Kate has a long history of arrests — most all of which involve alcohol. (The mug shot photo at the top of this post is from her 2016 arrest for public intoxication and assaulting an officer.) She filed for divorce from her estranged husband Michael Lohan in September, potentially ending an incredibly volatile relationships that spurned numerous headlines over the past decade. Kate, a former tabloid reporter, previously dated Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin.

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