Lindsay Lohan expecting a new sibling thanks to an unlawful conception

Only with the Lohans can I write a headline like that and everybody’s like, “Who cares?” Well I care dad gummit even it’s just because I got to write “unlawful conception” in muh header! Oh yeah, the deets…

Kate Major has a lil’ Lohan growing inside of her thanks to a seed planted by Mr. Michael Lohan. Kate’s in her first trimester according to sources with TMZ, otherwise known as Michael Lohan and Kate Major.

This is an interesting bit of timing because the restraining order that Kate had against Michael, because who doesn’t have one against him, was only recently lifted. This would mean that Kate and Michael’s quality baby-makin’ time was spent illegally!

“Unlawful Conception” sounds like a great name for some really, really bad action flick. Hey, maybe older sister Lindsay could play the lead one day?

Perhaps I could star in it too after calling an older sister an aunt! (D’oh)

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