Jessica Simpson chided for bikini photos of 5-year-old daughter


Actress, businesswoman, and singer Jessica Simpson is receiving criticism over recent photos she shared of her daughter Maxwell Drew in a bikini.

The mother-of-two posted a pair of images of Maxwell having fun in the sun on a scooter. She captioned the post “safety first” as she made sure her daughter was wearing a protective helmet. This precaution wasn’t enough to keep social media parenting police at bay, however, as comments came pouring in over Simpson’s choice to post the bikini photos of her young daughter:

One commenter wrote:

Your daughter is adorable a true mini me look wise but not to sound rude I don’t think you should post pictures of her on social media like this! Too many creeps out this world that view this and think disgusting thoughts about her! Again you are her mother and this is just my personal opinion but just be mindful of it!

And another added:

Jess I love you but as a mom to a little girl myself, this is not an appropriate picture for the world to see. You never know who’s looking and that bikini is tiny especially for a child.

Eventually the naysayers were drowned out by fans who came to the “A Public Affair” singer’s defense:

I believe people really need to focus on their own lives instead of judging Jessica because of this. These “creeps” that half of you talk about are the same “creeps” looking at you do exercise in the gym, shopping, walking in the streets etc. It happens everywhere. Honestly, keep your opinions to yourselves.

What are your thoughts? Should parents consider who might be looking at the photos of their children in an inappropriate way when posting to social media?