Meatball problems: Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese was drunk and distraught about missing her “meatball” before arrest; will she go to jail?

Deena Nicole Cortese of Jersey Shore, the lowest paid cast member, had one heck of a day on Sunday! She was arrested for “disorderly conduct” in Seaside Heights while filming the sixth season of the hit MTV show. Disorderly is how we like our Jersey Shore cast members but apparently when you’re drunk and roaming the street, it’s frowned upon. In Jersey Shore world, though it’s probably time for a raise!

Sunday started off just like any other day in Seaside for Deena – at a bar on the boardwalk with friends. However, eyewitnesses say Deena looked to be drunk upon arrival and was even seen crying hysterically over losing her ‘meatball.’ The meatball in question is her co-star Snooki. A 6-month pregnant Snooki recently moved out of the shore house to concentrate on her fiancé and baby boy, and even though she continues to film with the crew, Deena isn’t taking the move very well.

After a couple of hours, Deena embarked on a mission to find a replacement meatball and was seen holding hands with a stranger (I hope her boyfriend Chris Buckner doesn’t see), crawling on all fours, and standing on a bar. Then, things took a turn for the worse. Deena hit the streets of Seaside where she was seen smacking cars as they went by, and even stopping a few. Perhaps she was seeing if any of them would be her meatball?!

Needless to say, the cops were called and she was arrested. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to stay in jail long. The entire cast was seen bailing her out shortly after her arrest but were not allowed to take her home. Deena was later seen leaving the precinct with her parents – talk about a walk of shame! There’s nothing more embarrassing then having to call mommy and daddy. Awkward!

Of the arrest, Detective Steve Korman of the Seaside Police told Huffington Post,  Deena “and other cast members were in a Mexican restaurant before Cortese went into the roadway and began dancing and impeding traffic.” Although he doesn’t say who exactly was with her at the restaurant, Sammi and Ronnie were spotted at the time of her arrest.

Where does Deena go from here? She is scheduled to be in court on July 3rd and faces a possible $500 fine and up to 30 days in jail. Since the cast will still be in town filming at that point, we hope they’ll make some cool t-shirts at The Shore Store for the event – maybe they could say, “No Time For Deena!”

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