Snooki smushes pregnancy rumors, takes it as a shot at her weight

It didn’t take long for Snooki to smush the pregnancy rumors that were stirred up by Radar via Star Magazine. As we previously reported they were citing “insider sources” who claimed that she was hiding a secret pregnancy with boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Looks like there won’t be any diaper changing to mess up all that GTL in the near future as Snooki expressly denied this report via the Opie and Anthony show this morning. In true Snooki fashion, she not only called the report crap, she wondered if the outlet was insinuating she was fat. In fact that’s the only thing the reality star, who has lost a lot of weight recently, was worried about in regards to the report.

Because she thought they were calling he fat she had a choice statement, “I hate you.”

In conclusion: Snooki ain’t freakin’ pregnant and if you insinuate she is you’re calling her fat and she hates you.

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