VIDEOS ‘The Situation’s’ dad ‘The Confrontation’ brutally calls out son

Frank Sorrentino and Mike Sorrentino

Mike Sorrentino got himself a golden ticket when MTV cast him for the show Jersey Shore.  The show has grown into a cultural phenomenon and “The Situation” has been at the forefront of the craze.  He’s now riding the crest of reality fame with a recent announcement that he would be getting his very own spin-off show.  Things are friggin’ sweet for The Sitch or are they?

Mike’s pops Frank Sorrentino has launched a website and has given himself his own nickname, “The Confrontation.”  It could very well be a family member’s grab at fame but the content on the videos he has posted so far, especially the ones disparaging his son are brutish and straight in your face.  “The Confrontation” is doing nothing short of calling out his boy claiming that he’s full of sh!t and that he’s forgot where he came from.

The first clip I’m going to share has Frank speaking of his rough childhood and how he learned to handle things with his “hands.”  He then goes on to attack Mike in a very personal and shocking way:

Here is some of what “The Confrontation” had to say:

“Life started early for me at 19.  I didn’t have no childhood and as a young child I had a bad childhood.  I solved problems with my hands and with my friends.”  Frank went on to say that, “He (Mike) created more situations in my life than the name he gave himself.  ‘I’m all for family, I’m all for this,’ bullsh!t.  You’re all for yourself.  You’re full of sh!t.  I’m telling you you’re full of sh!t.  I put my f**king balls on the line for you a million fu**ing times.  I ask for one f**king favor and you go tell me to be like a regular f**king Joe and go get on welfare.  No my friend I don’t do that.”

Man this is tough stuff to see this aired in such a public way.  He concludes this video with the following statement:

“I love my son Mike but you know what Mike when you get to the top and you forget where you come from somebody should remind you.  I just want to remind you.  I love my son but he broke my heart.”

Next up is a clip in which “The Confrontation” claims that he got his son Mike a job and then “The Situation” received oral sex from a 40-year-old woman causing his dad embarrassment and causing Mike’s backside to get fired.

“She decides that she wants to suck his… and basically she gives him a (oral sex) in the office.  She gets caught, Michael claims sexual harassment.  The woman gets fired… My friend gets me the job to give to him and this clown wants to claim sexual harassment because some 40-year-old broad sucked his…”

As of this write-up “The Confrontation” has already posted 13 videos via his YouTube channel.  If you want to see more Mike and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast bashing you can check those out here.

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