JERSEY SHORE JWoww files for divorce from Roger Mathews

JWoww Roger divorce

We have some seriously disheartening news for Jersey Shore fans. It was revealed today that Jenni “JWoww” Farley filed for divorce from her husband of close to three years, Roger Mathews, earlier this month.

There have been rumblings, mostly inspired by Roger’s social media posts over the past year that the two were having difficulties. The rumblings were confirmed when Asbury Park Press discovered JWoww’s Ocean County divorce filing from September 12.

As is most often the case, the filing merely cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the official split. Not much more is known about why the couple decided to go their separate ways.

Roger first seemed to hint that his relationship with JWoww was strained when she left to film in Miami for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 1 back in January. Roger posted a video of himself at home with the kids on the first day after JWoww left for Miami. In the video, Roger talks about JWoww having to be away for 30 days, and he reluctantly admits that it’s OK, while comparing his situation to that of a military spouse.

At the very end of the video Roger makes a joke, but it’s not delivered in a very funny tone. “If you are going to break up with me,” he says, “please don’t call me on that stupid f**king duck phone to do it.”

To accompany the clip, Roger posted a very lengthy recap of his relationship with JWoww — one that was anything but sentimental:

Just the next chapter in our story. In case you missed it, it goes something like this. 2010 two selfish a**holes meet each other in a bar, the two begin to date and continue to party hard, it isn’t all cupcakes and unicorns, neither takes any sh*t and both are use to running the show. 3 years in they get engaged, still no sh*t taking and not a unicorn to be seen, a year later they have their first child out of wedlock just to p*ss off traditional people and party with Satan a bit more. 2015 they get married and announce they are pregnant with a son, probably fought at the wedding. 2015 to present they remain vigilant and defy the odds of reality tv, flawed personalities, alpha demeanors, hot tempers and an inferior penis and remain married while raising their two children to the best of their abilities while still butting heads over the dumbest sh*t.

2018 one has a mid life crisis and flies to Miami with old friends and leaves said husband for a really jacked dude from the club named Billy Bad Ass that can flex his pec muscles to the tune of Jingle Bells. Ok. I made that last part up. Blessed to have what we have and grateful for it. Mom makes much of that happen. Love you Mom. (She won’t even see this for a month cause they aren’t allowed cell phones so if you see her in the club please recite this entire post to her by memory, scream it as loud as you possibly can while dancing like a complete idiot to hold her attention and focus)

A couple weeks later, Roger posted another video clip, one he captioned by writing in part: “I don’t always support my wife but when I do she’s in Miami having a mid life crisis and I’m home with the kids drunk as hell on Dos Equis.”

On April 5, Roger returned with another update and shed some more light on his less-than-perfect marriage while still remaining positive:

My wife and I agree we are sick of celeb couples pretending to have the perfect relationship and when they separate they come out with some PC statement that someone else wrote about how they are the best of friends still. Some people actually buy into that sh*t and are “devastated” their favorite couple broke up. Well we gonna keep it real for you. Some days it’s a struggle to stay together. Some days she calls me a f**king dick head (cause I am). Some days the grass looks greener on the other side. We aren’t even close to perfect and I have no intention on pretending that we are. But we are perfectly imperfect for each other. Thank you for serving me up some humility and old fashioned whoop ass on the days that I need it babe. Ps- I still own a penis in case you forgot. Which I believe you did. Reposted our wedding video link in my bio. The day I married the prettiest girl I know with the savage demeanor of General Mattis all while being a phenomenal mother and business woman. (Boobs ain’t bad either)

Two days after JWoww filed for divorce, Roger shared a text graphic excerpt titled “Find Yourself” on Instagram:

Jersey Shore Roger Mathews divorce statement

“Brief little moment in time from one of 7.6 Billion humans having brief little moments right now,” he wrote.

JWoww and Roger were married in October of 2015, and they announced at the ceremony that she was pregnant with their second child. Their son Greyson Valor was born on May 5, 2016. He joined big sister Meilani Alexandra, who was born on July 13, 2014.

Given what Roger stated back in April, I am not able to say that I am “devastated” by their break up. But I am saddened that he and JWoww’s marriage is over and that they weren’t able to continue their journey together. I don’t have the slightest clue what has been going on in their personal lives, and I think enough of both JWoww and Roger to assume that the split was the right decision. Still bummed though.

So far, there has been no official statement from either JWoww or Roger about the divorce, but I suspect People or some other outlet will have something from their rep soon.

UPDATE – Moments after publishing this post, Roger shared a video in which he explained some of the reasons for JWoww filing for divorce before making sure that everyone knew he is not done fighting for their marriage. Click here to watch the video and get a full recap of everything Roger had to say.

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