Jennifer Lawrence got her SAG card for this MTV “My Super Sweet 16” promo

Long before Jennifer Lawrence became the Oscar-nominated girl on fire, she was a fledgling actress just trying to get her SAG card.

Her lucky SAG moment arrived when she was cast in a promo for MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.” The Screen Actor’s Guild is a labor union formed in 1933 to protect the rights of actors. Receiving a SAG card is a milestone in an actor’s life because it represents the moment they were first considered a professional actor, no matter how small the role.

SAG’s Mission Statement is to “seek to negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements that establish equitable levels of compensation, benefits, and working conditions for its performers; collect compensation for exploitation of recorded performances by its members, and provide protection against unauthorized use of those performances; and preserve and expand work opportunities for its members.”

When she won a SAG award for Best Actress for her portrayl of a dancing widow gone slightly unhinged in The Silver Linings Playbook, she thanked MTV.

“I want to thank MTV. I’ll explain that. I earned my SAG card when I was 14, I did an MTV promo for My Super Sweet 16. And I remember getting it in the mail and it being the best day in my entire life, because it officially made me a professional actor.”


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By the way, all the hype about Silver Linings Playbook is dead-on. If you haven’t seen this movie, see it!

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