JWoww shares personal message from fiancé Roger Mathews; reveals what their ‘perfect relationship’ is


2015 has been a rough year for celebrity couples. It seems like everyone is getting divorced or splitting up! But JWoww is here to prove that love’s not dead.

Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews have come a long way in five years. After beginning their relationship in the midst of the Jersey Shore fist bumping craze, the two have settled down, gotten engaged, and welcomed a daughter. Throughout their journey, Jenni and Roger have doubtless faced their share of adversity.

And, sometimes, the stress of life can create a rift between couples, but Jenni recently shared that, despite day-to-day frustrations, she and Roger’s relationship is stronger than ever.

In a touching text message, Roger opened his heart and explained his love for Jenni. She posted the message to Instagram and admitted “Normally I don’t post these but this one got to me… Being a working mom on the road can get rough at night but these texts make it a lot easier.”

Check out Roger’s sweet sentiment for his soon-to-be bride:


You piss me off like no one can. You’re words can cut like no on else’s. Your lies pierce to the heart. We will forever annoy each other. For every smiles there is a frwon. Not every moment is gonna be a magical one but I will always fight for you cause your my best friend and I know one day when I’m old my best friend will take care of me. Have but one best friend. That person is you. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear your appreciated and accepted as much for your faults as for your qualities. I accept yours although I may not always like them. No ones perfect. That’s why we are human. I fall far short of the perfect man but I hope to be your perfect man. A perfect relationship is two imperfect people who refuse to give up on eachother. I won’t give up on you. Laying next to our daughter who was created in your image let’s me know that. So it has to be true. I love you. -your stubborn pain in the ass


What a lucky gal!


(Photo credits: JWoww and Roger Mathews via Instagram)