Jenelle Evans is battling possible bronchitis case on verge of due date

Jenelle Evans 9-Months Baby Bump

In the days before a baby’s due date, the expectant mom and dad usually try to rest in anticipation of sleepless nights. Unfortunately for Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, an ongoing sickness is preventing her from getting any quality downtime.

Sounds like Jenelle’s cold started late last week, when she woke up with a sore throat. She said she tried to rest it off, but the symptoms worsened.

Going against what probably would have been a doctor’s advice, Jenelle spent some time at the beach during the weekend. She said she also walked around a lot “to try and get Kaiser to come out.”

Apparently the plans backfired as she wasn’t able to induce labor and made her sickness even worse… By the next day, the imminently expectant mother said she was sure her sinus infection turned into a case of bronchitis.

“OMG, I can’t believe Kaiser is so close to coming and I think my sinus infection turned into bronchitis,” she said on Facebook. “I feel horrible once again.”

The good news with a case of acute bronchitis is that it will generally pass if the person rests, drinks plenty of fluids, stays away from smoke and uses a prescription cough syrup. But the bad news for Jenelle is that she doesn’t have the ability to be too patient, considering Kaiser could make an appearance any day!

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