Jason Isbell says Toby Keith’s goofy a*s sucks after tax snafu


“Red Solo Cup” singer Toby Keith made headlines recently when it was revealed that one of his I Love This Bar & Grill restaurant locations owed over a quarter of a million dollars in taxes.

Fellow recording artist Jason Isbell noticed the story and used it as an opportunity to call out Keith, who often draws upon patriotic themes in his music and marketing, by tweeting, “Real patriots pay their taxes.” Isbell, whose most recent album Southeastern was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of last year, then linked to a brief write-up about the tax situation from Billboard.

The post drew the attention of some of Keith’s ardent supporters which prompted a reply by Isbell:

“And all y’all defending Toby Keith’s goofy a*s, please allow me to help you unfollow me. #BlockParty”

As these things go on Twitter, folks still argued on behalf of Keith and also suggested that Jason lighten up or at least keep his thoughts to himself.

His response?

“I hate when folks get popular then automatically love EVERYBODY in music. I’m sorry, but some stuff just sucks, whether it sells or not.”

There’s been no response yet from camp Keith.

Image: Isbell / Twitter | Keith / Twitter

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