Jacqueline Laurita testifies John Karagiorgis threatened to kill her during Posche 2 brawl

Jacqueline Laurita

During her court testimony this morning, The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Jacqueline Laurita alleged that John Karagiorgis threatened to kill her during the recent bloody brawl at Posche 2’s grand opening.

As we previously reported, on March 30th, Jacqueline Laurita, Chris Laurita, Albie Manzo, and Joe Gorga got into a physical altercation with John Karagiorgis. The fight ended with a bruised and bloodied John being escorted out of the establishment. John decided to press charges against the Lauritas and Joe, and last week, the court decided there was enough evidence to charge the three with assault and terroristic threats.

In Ridgewood, New Jersey’s Municipal Court this morning, Jacqueline, Chris, and Joe presented their sides of the story. The evidence they provided was compelling enough that the court decided to charge Karagiorgis with three counts each of harassment and assault and two counts of making terroristic threats.

NorthJersey.com reports Jacqueline alleged that John came to the party “looking for a fight.” Jacqueline said John “came dressed in clothes like he was ready for a fight.”

“[John} lunged towards me, and I heard him yelling, ‘I’ll [expletive] kill you,'” Jacqueline testified. She said John “had a crazy look in his eyes, like he was on drugs or something,” and, while lunging at her, may have “bumped” her, causing her to fall to the ground. However, Jacqueline asserts, “I can’t be 100 percent sure he caused me to fall.”

John Karagiorgis and his wife, Penny Drossos, have long been feuding with Melissa Gorga; the two allegedly feed negative stories about her to the press, and were instrumental in the rumors that Melissa cheated on Joe Gorga with her ex-boyfriend, Brian “Bulldog” Bowen. It was at John and Penny’s salon where Kim D and Teresa Giudice just “happened” to run into Melissa’s former boss from the strip club.

posche 2 fight

Rumors surfaced at the Posche 2 party that John and Penny had invited Bulldog to the event, which is likely what fueled Joe Gorga’s attack against John. Chris allegedly overheard John making fun of his son, Nicholas, for having autism, an allegation that John denies. The comments about autism are what allegedly spurred the melee.

Jacqueline also revealed that after the party, John came back looking for more: “He went right at me, and had this look on his face that was dazed and crazed,” she said.

Chris and Joe also testified that John threatened their lives too, and that they were defending themselves and their wives. They also both claimed that John was harassing them on Twitter. Joe said, “He’s obsessed with us, and he’s stalked us for years… I get phone calls at night. It’s to the point where my wife has gotten depressed over it. This guy needs to be prosecuted. This is cyber bullying.”

Jacqueline supported the claim of cyber-bullying, and said that John accused the Lauritas of faking their son’s autism diagnosis for attention. “Somehow, he was fixated on me and the other cast members, and would show up at events and run his mouth, saying things about me as a mother, telling me to stay off social media.”

The reality TV star added that she was afraid of John because she is “not sure what he is capable of.”

Bottom right photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

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