Top cake wrecks: Is ‘Graduation Cat’ the best ever?

Graduation Cat Cake Fail

In honor of her daughter’s graduation from the University of Indiana, Carol Grambrel ordered a cake from a local bakery. It seemed like a simple request: use the school colors, write “Congratulations, Laura” and draw a graduation cap on the girl’s head.

Apparently, Carol’s handwritten “p” looks a lot more like a “t” or the baker is unable to read (but able to write). Either way, the family ended up with the less traditional “graduation cat” atop Laura’s head.

“When I went to pick it up at the store, I could not stop laughing,” Carol told Good Morning America. “I told them not to scrape it off.”

Without a doubt, the cake was ready-made for Internet stardom. After all, anything that combines pop culture’s inalienable love of cats and a epic cake wreck is basically a gift from the Overlord of the Interwebs.

But, is it the worst (or best) frosting fail of all time? Let’s check out some of the top rivaling cake wrecks.

Love, Hope, Thrust: Sound marriage advice

Love Hope Thrust Cake Wreck

This baker was getting a little too literal. Do you think he really wanted a baby on a carrot?

Underneath That Cake

To be fair, this is a very impressive cake…

Too Much Detail Cake

While this one has no redeeming values.

Freaky Baby Cake

So close. They just forgot one “l.”

It's a Gril

Valuable lesson learned: Stick to your day job.

Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

This one isn’t a big deal when you look at them as patriotic rockets.

Patriotic Rockets

Way better than a faux Victorian, obviously. 

Valid Victorian Cake Wreck

That’s just sampling of the finest cake wrecks out there. Many thanks to Cake Wrecks for documenting!

Which is your favorite fail?

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