Is Maci Bookout jealous of Ryan’s new girlfriend Dalis Connell?

On Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom, fans saw Maci Bookout get the news that her baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, has a new girlfriend, Dalis Connell. Maci had planned to go to Florida with Ryan and his family so that she could still see Bentley. Little did she know, Ryan and his family weren’t the only ones going — Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis, would also be there.

After hearing the news, Maci met with her friends to invite them on the trip with her and did some gossiping about Dalis. Maci even predicted that Dalis ‘wouldn’t last’ and they’d likely break-up shortly after the vacation. Ryan’s parents still have photographs of Maci and Ryan together and Maci being on vacation with them would surely push the new girl off the edge — at least that’s what Maci thought.

Looking back at the episode on the Teen Mom After Show, Maci may have been a bit harsh but says, “I’m not jealous of Dalis or their relationship on anything by I’m still a girl, and I’m young, and when I’m with my eight best girlfriends, of course I’m gonna act like a girl.” When asked whether she thought Dalis was jealous of her, Maci replied, “I would hope that she wouldn’t feel that way.” She also added, “Me and Ryan don’t want to be together.”

Regarding all the left-over pictures of Maci and Ryan, Maci revealed that she thinks there is definitely a part of Ryan’s parents that hopes she and Ryan will get back together. “I think that they think we didn’t try hard enough or that we gave up too soon.” However, she says that will never happen. “It’s not good for us.” If you’ve watched Teen Mom before, you probably know exactly what she means!

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