Is Katy Perry engaged to John Mayer?


Katy Perry sported a new ruby ring on her ring finger during a Valentine’s outing with beau John Mayer, leading many to believe they’d gotten engaged. Are they really planning a trip down the aisle, or are they just messing with us?

They couple shared a romantic dinner at Brentwood restaurant Vicenti, and then Katy flashed her new ring to the paps, but a source tells People that the two are “not engaged.”

There’s still a possibility that they are, but just aren’t telling anyone yet. Even though the ring’s not a conventional engagement ring, many couples are now going the route of unique looking rings rather than the standard diamond arrangements.

katy Perry's ruby ring

Katy Perry’s unique V-Day was designed by Santa Barbara based jeweler Daniel Gibbings, who says Mayer picked out the one-of-a-kind ring by himself.

Even if they’re not getting hitched soon, these two definitely seem to be getting really seriously lately. Do you think Katy and John should get married?

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