How did Kristina Robinson’s fiance John Todd Hight Jr die? 16 and Pregnant Season 4

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Kristina Robinson and her fiance Todd Hight who drowned April 30 2011

MTV’s trailer for the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant featured a number of dramatic and emotional moments from the upcoming season, but none more so than the brief moment in which Kristina Robinson says, “My fiance passed away. I just remember being pulled ashore, looking around, and him not being there.”

Kristina Robinson’s fiance, and father of her as-yet-unborn son Lukas Todd, was John Todd Hight, Jr. of Waskom, Texas. John, who goes by his middle name Todd, was swimming in rough water with Kristina and a group of their friends off Galveston beach on April 30, 2011.

The lifeguard stations were flying a red flag, which indicates adult swimmers should be in no more than waist-deep water, and children and non-swimmers should not be in the water at all. Veteran lifeguard Thomas Mills noticed the group of about 10 people swimming in chest-deep water and motioned for them to come closer to shore.

Shortly after, Mills began to get the impression something was wrong and entered the water right about the time Kristina and a 15-year-old boy she was with began to panic. Though the six-foot lifeguard was in waist deep water about 20 yards from shore when he reached the two swimmers, they were struggling and desperately grabbing on to Mills.

With the help of a second lifeguard, Kristina and the 15-year-old boy were finally dragged ashore.

“I think he was being overly cautious,” Galveston Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis said about the lifeguard. “And the good thing is that’s why he probably was able to save these people.”

Kristina Robinson with her since deceased fiance John Todd Hight Jr.
^ John Todd Hight, Jr. and Kristina Robinson not long before he drowned

Shortly after the two swimmers were brought ashore it was realized that Todd Hight was missing.

“They all said he was swimming with them, but they didn’t see him go under,” Davis said. “In the confusion, they think he may have gone under.”

Kristina, who was pregnant at the time, was taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch John Sealy Hospital as a precaution.

“She and the baby are fine,” Davis said. “There is something good out of this. Three people could have drowned, easily.”

16 and Pregnant Kristina Robinson and her fiance Todd Hight Season 4

Meanwhile, the search began for Todd Hight that included the deployment of a Coast Guard helicopter and 45-foot response boat.

Search and rescue crews were unable to locate Todd’s body and the search was suspended the following day.

“We decided to suspend the search due to the fact that eyewitnesses reported that the man did not resurface after being submerged,” said Coast Guard Commander Patrick Smith. “Our thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time.”

John Todd Hight, Jr.’s body was found washed up about five miles away in East Beach on May 2. The cause of death was ruled a drowning. Todd was only 19 years old.

Funeral services were held for John “Lil Todd” Hight, Jr. on May 6, 2011. Here are the heart-breaking words left by his mother, brother, and grandmother on his online memorials:

John Todd Hight Jr 16 and Pregnant Season 4“My Baby Boy”
John Todd Hight, Jr., son, I love you so – I need your help each day. Son, without you this world will never be the same. My wonderful son you know moma can never let you go. Son, the best of me is with you. So, my awesome son, please hold my heart tight for it left this world with you and nothing more will ever be right! Son, I already need your bear hugs so tight, and to hear you tell momma that you love me so. You never failed to let me know – for this I thank God so! Lil’ Todd, you left us all too soon, you always said that I was strong and I am trying to be, but honey, without my baby I just feel so weak, so hold momma’s heart real tight and help me til we are all togheter again. For I know that in heaven we will be! I thank God that my baby boy can say that he has great friends who share their hearts with his and that you are truely loved and missed so much for all eternity!
Love you son!

“R.I.P. Baby Brother”
I will never understand why God chose to take you away from us so soon. . .I will never forget the times we all spent together . . .we had heck of a life but me, you and Daniel always stuck together! You were more than a brother, you was like my best friend. I love you so much Lil’ Todd. This isn’t fair- you were robbed of your life. I’m glad there is a legacy of you to live on, can’t wait to see “John Todd the 3rd” or at least we’re are all hoping it’s a boy. Our hearts are broken because we’ve lost you, but remember you didn’t go alone, a part of us went with you! We have great memories of you, you always made me smile and feel better no matter how down and drepressed I was. I will never forget you Lil’ Todd – or the times we all spent together! Tristen loves you and misses his uncle Todd (or his “Faget” as he called you) dearly! I know we will all be together again someday! I love you Bro! You now are our Guardian Angel. You will always be by our side and in our hearts even tho we can’t see or touch you! You will never be forgotten!! We love and miss you! May you rest in peace.

Lil Todd, I think of you everyday, and it still doesn’t seem real that you are gone.My heart is broken,and it is also broken for your mom & dad and brother and sister,and your precious baby Lukas Todd , that will have to grow up never knowing his daddy…Nothing will ever be the same without you,but as you know,God has a plan for all of us,and that is why we should all be ready when he calls us home. God gives and God takes away.He gave baby Lukas Todd, and he took you away..God gave his son’s life for us, as You would have given you life for your son ,had things been different..We will never understand that until he calls us home.We could all be called away at anytime,so I’m pleading with our family to make the right choice, and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior,and trust him to give them Peace so they can be with you again in heaven. I know you want life to go on for your family ,and you dont want them to grieve.We will always remember you and keep you in our hearts,and will also love your little precious boy. I’m sure Kristina loved you , but you are gone now, and her life has to go on too. I will love you , my grandson forever
Grandmother Doris Fair


And another entry from his mom:

Son this world just dont make sense anymore its just full of alot of pain guess it always has been just didnt realize it til we lost you! Son we all love and miss you -not one single thing seems right anymore and everything makes me think of you -i just wish you were here -i know ya always hated it when momma would cry but please forgive me son cause i just cant help it and ask god to help momma cope &exist without my youngest child-i will always wait for the day at heavens gate when momma can see your smile forever son-love you momma


Kristina Robinson would eventually give birth to her son Lukas Todd almost two months premature on September 26, 2011. Both Lukas and Kristina are reportedly healthy and doing well.

Kristina’s emotional story will invariably draw comparisons to Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, who also lost the father of her child (Derek Underwood) while MTV was filming her episode of 16 and Pregnant. In contrast with Kristina’s story, Farrah had broken off contact with Derek when he died in a car accident on December 28, 2008.

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