Miley Cyrus caught in lie about quitting cigarettes

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus tweeted on Feb. 3 that she’s gone “2 months no cigs,” but it’s apparent she rounded up to hit that milestone.

Here’s the background: During her newly published interview for W Magazine, writer Ronan Farrow observed Miley “ashing a cigarette” and “taking a drag of her cigarette.” This happened on Dec. 5, one day before Miley participated in the Jingle Ball at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. Even if we are to assume the cigarettes she smoked in front of Ronan were her last, December 5 until February 3 doesn’t make two full months.

Miley certainly has every reason to be “#proudofmyself” for tossing cigarettes, but it seems funny she jumped the gun the exact same day a story was published that mentioned her smoking. (She retweeted the article right before posting her smoking cessation status.)

I will conclude by saying I’m really not trying to harp on Miley — and I’m definitely not trying to lessen the awesomeness of her goal to kick cigarettes. This is more of an observation about the nature of the entertainment biz: When your full life is on display, there isn’t much space for white lies.

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