Heather Locklear arrested for hit and run

Heather Locklear 80s bikini poster photo

In what sounds like a 1994 storyline from Melrose Place, actress Heather Locklear was arrested by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for a hit and run incident last Saturday!

Before you get too excited thinking that perhaps she ran over Kimberly or Sydney in a fit of jealousy, the “accident” in question involved only a car and a “No Parking” sign and no one was injured.

TMZ reports that the accident took place around 4 AM, according to someone who heard the collision near North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village, California. The person called to report the crash that night at around 7:48 PM at which point the police investigated and found the knocked over sign and evidence that a car had overrun the curb. From TMZ:

Deputies confirmed through investigation that the car in question was Locklear’s black BMW. The collision was very close to Locklear’s home.

Deputies then went to Locklear’s home, saw damage to the BMW that was consistent with the collision, and arrested her for hit-and-run.

Heather Locklear was cited and released for the misdemeanor offense, which does technically count as an “arrest,” according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. There is no mention of a mug shot being taken, so for now we will have to settle for Heather’s sexy bed head booking photo from her September, 2008 DUI arrest.

I realize there’s not much of a story here, but any reason to post pictures of Heather Locklear from the 1980s is good enough for me!

Heather Locklear 80s

Heather Locklear always had that look that seemed to promise “If you’re lucky enough to have anything to do with me you will eventually be nothing more than a burned out smoldering lump of char crying like a baby,” and yet at the same time a look that would make 90% of heterosexual men say, “I don’t care, I’m going to try any way!”

I’m reminded of the Billie Joe Shaver lyrics from his classic honky-tonk outlaw song “Black Rose:”

When the devil made that woman
Lord he threw the pattern away
She were built for speed
with the tools you need
to make a new fool everyday

So if you’re reading this Heather, please treat it as an open invitation to enter my life and crush my heart like it was an innocent Westlake Village “No Parking” sign! I’ll be your hit and run victim! One request though, can I call you Amanda?

Heather Locklear 80s poster

UPDATE – TMZ is now saying that authorities used surveillance video from a camera from the guard shack at Heather Locklear’s Westlake Village neighborhood showing her driving the BMW in question, but the footage was recorded about four hours after the alleged incident so there is no way to prove Heather was driving at the time.

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