Amanda Woodward is back! Heather Locklear returns to Melrose Place

Heather Locklear will reprise her role as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place

Amanda Woodward will be b*tchin’ her way back into our hearts Nov. 17 as Heather Locklear reprises her signature role on the CW’s Melrose Place. The show’s makers have been lapping at her feet from day one, trying to get her to grace their remake with her magical presence, and she finally decided to give it a go after she saw the show and found she didn’t hate it.

Or, as an insider told US Weekly, “she was surprised at how much she liked it.”

Amanda’s icy graces will hopefully breathe fresh life into the limp limbs of the new show. There’s hope for the new Melrose after all, and we must not forget what a terrible start the original show had. It was boring, dorktastic and didn’t really get started until Amanda Woodward arrived anyway.

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