Harvard mom advertises on Craigslist for a lady willing to take her ‘socially awkward’ son’s virginity

Embarrassed Cat, Momma's Boy
In strange Craigslist news of the day, one Philadelphia mom cares so much about her nerdy little baby boy that she is willing to pay some young lady to take his virginity. If that doesn’t scream “Mother of the Year,” then I don’t know what does…

In a posting titled “Sugar Baby for my Son – m4w – 18,” the Philly mother said her Harvard-bound son is extremely smart but socially awkward. She thinks the best cure for that is a good bangin’ by a young lady. In exchange for a summer-long sexathon, the mom will make her son’s lover’s “financial issues disappear.”

The concerned mom also specifies that the respondent should be 19 or younger, cute and willing to show her son different positions. The catch is the son is not to know of his mother’s ploy.

Here’s the full appeal:

Craigslist Sugar Mama Ad

There’s something to be said for good intentions. But, come on! Creating a false premise just so your son can lose his virginity and emerge from the tangled sheet as a “cool college kid” is just wrong… And I’m pretty sure Bill Rancic would back me up on that one.

For the sake of society, let’s hope this was just a joke and no Harvard undergrads were emotionally harmed in the process.

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