Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee pin-up photos

GMA Ginger Zee swimsuit weathergirl meteorologist

It was announced yesterday that Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion would be leaving the show to join The Weather Channel, and taking over his job as the weekday weather anchor would be GMA‘s current weekend weather anchor, meteorologist Ginger Zee. Unlike her predecessor Sam, who was famously photographed strolling the beach in a very revealing Speedo swimsuit earlier this year, Ginger is rarely (if ever) photographed in revealing attire such as swimsuits or bikinis. So, imagine my surprise when I ran across these sexy retro pin-up photos of Ginger Zee from back in 2010!!!

Good Morning America Ginger Zee sexy photo

The photos, taken by Vavoom Pinups, were shot during Ginger’s time in Chicago, Illinois when she was a meteorologist for NBC affiliate WMAQ.

Now, before you get too excited, these “pinups” are far from anything that could even be considered PG-13, but thanks to the wonderfully talented folks at Vavoom, that doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly fun and incredibly sexy! Or should I say “sexZee!”

GMA Ginger Zee pinup

And in case you were curious, yes, the fempowering services of Vavoom are open to all ladies. Check out the company’s great “About Us” from their website

Vavoom Pinups is…

a complete head-to-toe empowering vintage photography experience for the modern woman located in Chicago.

Founded in 2008, by Heather Stumpf-Popio, Vavoom Pinups has been the ultimate experience in transformative beauty and classic pinup photography for everyday women.

Ginger Zee Good Morning America weather girl meteorologist

Known for their fabulous approach to personal female empowerment, Vavoom looks to the 1940s and 1950s, when glamour and beauty was at its ultimate peak.

Vavoom pinups accommodates individual shoots as well as parties to celebrate any occasion.

Vavoom Pinups proves that every woman can be VA-VA-VOOMed!

Although I’m sure Ginger will be “keeping it professional” attire-wise while serving as the new GMA weekday weather anchor, perhaps in honor of a “Throwback Thursday” she should revisit the pin-up look:

GMA Ginger Zee pinup weather map

In meteorological terms, that is a photo of Ginger after her warm front has moved through. 😉

And just so I keep things fair and balanced, let me say that I think Sam Champion missed out on his opportunity to make “Sam Champion’s Speedocast” a huge phenomenon!

Sam Champion speedo weather map photo

Of course, Sam still has a chance to cash in on his Speedoriffic bod over at The Weather Channel! Word on the street is that the network is trying to be a little more sexy.

Congratulations again to Ginger and to Sam on their new jobs!

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